Slow motion



To feel and grasp the change of the positioning of the whole body and its separate parts in space, it’s extremely important to move slowly and thoughtfully. Just like poring over a painting or a flower, staring at the floating clouds or at the stars.

Adagio in classical ballet as well as in modern aims learning and feeling the element or the combination, working out strength and endurance, and of course conveying beauty and/or idea of a dance. New view on slow motion in dance has come from Asia. For example qigong working with “streaming of internal energy” has taught body to breathe and to move continuously – flowingly. Another example, Butoh scrutinizes human, lets his worms out.

For me the most valuable feature of slow motion is that it is a way of presenting terrifying, stunning, and fine events or pictures of our life, lasting just a few moments in reality, in convenient form for perception. It is the way of magnifying and stretching them as if under a microscope, so to speak.